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After leaving Egypt we had two rough days at sea, followed by a brief stop in Naples. It was pouring and we were coming back to Naples the following week so Jen and the kids stayed on the boat while Papa John and I walked around Naples for a few hours and just got a feel for the city.

The next day we docked back in Civetevechia, picked up our car and a rental for John and made our way to Orvieto (making our reservations for the agriturismo on our way there).

We had already been to Orvieto two years ago but it was good to return and we spent a nice afternoon walking around the city and visiting their marvelous cathedral with amazing frescos. The boys and I also took a tour of the “underground” a series of over 2000 caves dug from beneath the city. Bodie fell asleep while I was carrying him about 10 minutes into the hour long tour and I ended up carrying him through the series of tunnels trying not to bump his head as we ducked through the low passages. He woke up just in time to climb the stairs on the way out.


The next day we drove Papa John down to the Rome Airport before heading off to Amalfi. After an amazing two weeks together we were sad to see him go but knew we’d see him again in Florence after just another two weeks.


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