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We left Los Angeles, for our overnight flight to Fiji, tired and still a bit hung over (or very hung over in Jennifer’s case). The boys and I slept very well on the 10-hour flight only waking up occasionally for the first eight hours. Unfortunately, Jennifer was awakened by each of us and barely slept a wink. Jennifer doesn’t do well with jetlag and lack of sleep in the first place but to be hungover as well, was a painful combination. Luckily when we arrived at the Radisson Denaru Island at 6 a.m., our room was already ready and she was able to get some rest while the boys and I enjoyed the 90-degree pool and waterslide.


We only ended up going to Fiji because it was a free stop-over on our way to Sydney but it was nice to just hang out by the ocean and enjoy the pool. We’ve been to Fiji twice before and compared to other destinations in the country, the Denaru Island area’s only redeeming quality is that it is very close to the airport. Still the Radisson had a beautiful pool and our suite was just 30 feet from the ocean so it was easy to unwind, relax and get adjusted to the time zone.


On our last day in Fiji we took a half-day cruise out to South Sea Island, which is a tiny island 30 minutes away from Port Denaru and is a popular destination for day-trippers and backpackers. The facilities on the island were pretty funky and definitely had the backpacker vibe but we still had a great time hanging around the island, which was surrounded by bright blue waters and coral reefs, and enjoying a few activities. The boys loved the semi-submersible ride and Cracker and I had a nice snorkel trip to some coral heads. Cracker was really scared to get in the water because it was so deep at the drop off point but I knew he’d love the view so I decided to dare fate and grab him and jump in the water with him. He took one look down (it was about 20 ft), screamed and started scrambling to get back in the boat. Luckily I was able to talk him back into the water and we snorkeled around huge coral pinnacles for about 20 minutes. With luck he’ll probably go snorkeling with me again…

So far Fiji takes the cake for the worst food on the trip. I guess all those years of English rule destroyed their taste buds.

We’re now off to Australia to start our 22-day cruise around New Zealand and Tasmania.


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