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Milford Sound et al

On our last day in New Zealand we didn’t leave the boat.  Instead, almost the entire day was spent cruising in and out of the three most famous sounds in Fjord land National Park at the southwest tip of New Zealand (latitude between 45 and 46 degrees south – as far down as I have ever been).  I’m told that the Sounds are much like the fjords in Norway and if so then that’s another place I’m going to have to make it to because they are simply stunning.

First we went though Dusky Sound, then Doubtful and finally culminated with the amazing Milford Sound from 4-6 pm.  Each sound was more impressive than the next and Milford was unlike anything that I had ever seen before.  Huge cliffs that rose straight up out of either side of a narrow 10-mile strip of water, culminating in snow capped peaks 5,000 feet above us.  Glistening waterfalls poured gently down the sides creating a fine mist before hitting the ocean far below.  It was just spectacular and I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene as it unfolded in front of me.  Definitely the climax of our trip to New Zealand, for me, and I’m happy that it was my last impression of that beautiful country.
I hesitate to post my pictures because they simply cannot do justice to that magical place but I would be remiss if I did not try at least to give a flavor of what we saw.

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1 Dave Lavinsky { 03.17.10 at 7:30 pm }

I just learned about your trip and the blog – amazing stuff. What a phenomenal experience for your family. I have good friends from New Zealand and have always wanted to go. Enjoy!

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