2 Adults, 3 boys, 365 Days of Adventure
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About Us

We are a family of five that has been given the good fortune to be able to spend a year traveling the world.  We’ve been living in California for the past 10 years and have recently sold our house and are preparing ourselves for this year long adventure.  We plan to begin our trek on June 23rd, 2009 and end sometime in June 2010.  After meeting a family of five in Fiji in 2003 on the last leg of their year around the world we have dreamed of being able to do the same.  Now we can.

The family includes:

Jason  – Founder of an Internet based photography business who, after 10 years at the helm, hired a new CEO to take the company to “the next level.”  Jason is a UCLA MBA and is a recovering Investment Banker (he did Merger’s & Acquistions for Chase in the early 90’s).  Jason loves travel (obviously), technology and gadgets, skiing, and fine wine.

Jennifer – Former book editor. Founded the business with Jason in December 1999 and found out she was pregnant the same day.  She’s been a full-time Mom for the past nine years.

Keeks (9).  He’s loves math, Legos, boardgames, baseball and anything that has a screen.  He loves acting and musical theater and was recently in a small production of “The Wizard of Oz” (see the video).  His favorite book is the Mysterious Benedict Society.

Cracker (7)  Pokemon and Legos are his primary passions.  He loves doing experiments, art projects and just about anything else creative.  He’s read all of the “Magic Tree House” books, laughs out loud to “Calvin & Hobbes” and is currently reading “Dragon Rider”.

Bodie (4) – Loves board games, Mickey Mouse, puzzels and cooking with his dad.  He’s got a ton of energy and asks questions constantly.  He’s the one we are most worried about traveling with because keeping him entertained takes a lot of energy.